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4 Ways Creativity Affects Our Physical Health

Last week we talked about the benefits of creativity and how it can have a positive impact for our lives on a personal level. The benefits we discussed include:

  • Better problem-solving skills
  • Feelings of connection to ourselves and others, as well as self-acceptance
  • Better budgeting skills and healthy spending tendencies
  • Better sense of time
  • Greater opportunities for self-awareness
  • Healthy means of stress relief

The ways in which devoting regular time to creativity benefits us is many and perhaps at times unfathomable. Because of the great mind-body connection, spending time creating also benefits us physically. Here are some of the ways in which being creative benefits us on a physical level and as a result, will improve the quality of our lives, as well as perhaps the length of them.

Relieves Stress

Though we already discussed the ways in which creative time lessens our stress—it takes our minds off our problems, gives us perspective, and helps us better problem solve—spending time pursuing creative passions can also take stress off our bodies. Stress can have many negative effects on our physical selves; stress can give greater opportunity to chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, and others. Relieving stress also improves mental function and health, as well! Be sure to allow yourself time to create freely, without the intention of finishing a project. Even those who have creative professions must allow themselves time to get lost in the process.

Improves Brain Function

Our left brain in our fact oriented careers and world is constantly working. However, when we create, we use other parts of our brain which can, in turn, promote healthy neural growth. This growth is essential for maintaining healthy mental function and is even “prescribed” as a means of healing after illness and injury, and even to alleviate those developmental mental conditions. Also, those who continue creating into their later, mature years have less of a chance of developing dementia. Creativity helps us to have better emotional health as we mentioned in our last post, and our brain directly benefits: Ultimately, our lives are bettered which, like a cycle, gives us better mental health.

Prevents Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia which affects a large percentage of the older members of our community. As we mentioned previously, creative activities spur on healthy brain growth and part of this growth includes creating connections and communication, between various parts of the brain. Some have even found that because creative projects exercise our medial temporal lobes, our ability to remember and create memories is improved. Alzheimer’s, though primarily affects our minds, it does indirectly affect the bodies of its victims which slowly shuts down because the mind no longer is directing its function. Much can cause the onset of this disease, but devoting time to creative projects can certainly help lessen the chances of developing this disease.

Improves Mood

As we have discussed previously, creativity improves one’s mood. It alleviates depression and calms our minds. It can lessen the effects of emotional pain that we experience in our lives such as breakups and other disappointments. Psychologists have seen that those who regularly devote time to creativity have greater emotional resilience; these people are able to have a greater understanding of their circumstances and thus deal with their lives in a healthier manner with less stress. This calm and happiness directly affect the health of our physical bodies, relieving stress and encouraging general physical health.


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