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6 Benefits of Creativity

Often, our creative pursuits get pushed to the proverbial back burner of our lives because it’s easy to let the needs of life such as earning a living and caring for others become the priority that takes over our lives. Both are responsibilities that should take priority, but should also remain in the balance of the rest life’s pursuits and our needs as an individual. Time spent on creative projects and passions actually has more benefits than just being something to do. Here are some of the benefits of creativity that we and our guests experience when taking one of our Hawaii photography tours and our everyday lives.

Better Problem Solving

The effect of time spent on creative projects and hobbies has been studied by many psychologists, who have found that creativity is an essential element of personal mental health. One benefit is that the creative person becomes better at problem-solving, seeing the bigger picture, and knowing themselves. Investing in creative time can also help us become more resourceful and see ways of solving problems that we may not have previously seen before.


One of the most beautiful things about art is its ability to connect people. Art is a way in which people feel known; many, when they experience art, feel like someone else knows who they are or how they feel. Art can be also be experienced together, which can actually be the best way to experience art—art provokes valuable, thoughtful conversation. Art can also be made together or alongside another. On our Hawaii photography tours, we see how creating art can bring families and even strangers closer together.

Better Budgeting

Dedicating regular time to creativity has been seen to impact the way people spend their money. But where is the connection? In the world, it seems that we can either be consumers or producers. When you become a “producer,” spending time creating, and finding fulfillment in that, seems to lessen the need for fulfillment through other means and by the very popular means, spending. Also, buying items can be a means of knowing oneself; when you know yourself through artistic means, you may be less prone to spend money to accomplish the same task.

Better Sense of Time

Getting lost in art gives a rewarding and better view of time. Often, those who participate in art feel a sense of timelessness when they are in the creative zone. Creativity also helps us prioritize better, or at least better in parallel with what our hearts really want.

Self Awareness

Art also helps us to better know ourselves and know ourselves on a deeper level. When we create, we access the depths of our being that we sometimes hide from others and even ourselves. Our tendencies, habits, impulses, and deepest desires are made known to us. We also become more comfortable with sharing our true selves with the world around us. We have a greater sense of the freedom to be ourselves by discovering the freedom to create and create what we want.

Stress Relief

Creating has therapeutic qualities that can relieve stress, due to all the previous benefits mentioned, as well as for the fact that art is indeed meditative. Our minds are allowed to calm as we focus on one thing and on something unrelated to our life. For a moment we step out of our life and get lost in something else.

Ready to Get Creative?

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