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Oahu Photography Tours: Fun Facts About Oahu

Filled with so much beauty and picturesque scenery, it’s no wonder that visiting Hawaii is on so many people’s bucket lists. You can’t help but relax listening to the lulling rhythm of the waves while witnessing a breathtaking sunset. Although Hawaii includes a variety of different islands, a plethora of tourists descends upon Oahu annually. Would you like to learn more about this stunningly beautiful island? Check out these interesting facts:

The Most Dangerous Beach in Hawaii

Filled with gorgeous waterfronts, Oahu includes over 125 beaches for you to soak up the sun. However, you may want to exercise extreme caution when visiting the Sandy Beach Park, which is rumored to have a permanent ambulance ready to attend to any visitor’s injuries.

Filled with gnarly riptides, even the most seasoned swimmers could hurt themselves venturing out into the shorebreak. Despite its perilous waves, the Sandy Beach Bark contains stunning scenery, so don’t avoid the beach altogether. Wading into the water should be fine, but don’t venture out too far.

Waikiki Was Once a Swamp

Once home to rice paddies and taro fields, Waikiki was a swamp prior to the 1928 construction of the Ala Wai Canal. As a result of the canal’s buildout, the swamp was mostly drained, making over the entire area’s landscape into the beautiful area we now recognize. Following its transformation, Hawaiian royalty and elites moved into private residences surrounding Diamond Head.

Big Wave Surfing Mecca

Home to the North Shore, the bravest, most skilled surfers worldwide flock to Hawaii every year to surf the biggest waves available. One of the most famous big waves in history was an 85-foot wave surfed by Ken Bradshaw in 1998 at the “Outer Log Cabins.” In order to even reach such high waves, he had to be towed out by a jet ski.

If you are new to surfing, you’ll want to avoid the North Shore. However, Oahu is home to a variety of different surf camps for both men and women. Seasoned surfers are happy to show you the tricks of the trade so you’ll be standing up on your board in no time.

Island With the Most Tourists

No matter which island you visit in Hawaii, you’re bound to have the time of your life. That said, Oahu is more popular with tourists than all the other islands combined. In 2013, over 5 million tourists visited the island. The numbers speak for themselves; if you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Oahu, come see what the fuss is all about.

Hawaii’s scenery is second to none, which is why tourists want to capture its beauty through the lens of a camera. If you want your pictures to be truly special, consider booking an Oahu photography tour with Oahu Photography Tours. Whether you are trying to capture a sunrise, sunset or full moon, we have a variety of different photography travel tours for you.

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