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Oahu Photography Tours was a vision of Alex Wilson back in 2010. Wanting to show you, our guest, a better way to see Hawaii and take the best part of it back home with you. With your photos, you are going to have Hawaii with you at all time. We are ever evolving, discovering new ways to improve our tours and making your Hawaii experience more enjoyable as well as educational. We are confident that you will love all of our photo tours of Hawaii and the guides that lead them. Meet your OPT guides, they are the ones that you will have photo bombing you in Hawaii’s most picture perfect locations. Perhaps one day you will feel the urge to come out to Hawaii, want to stay, and you too will be featured below as one of our tour guides here at Oahu Photography Tours. (808) 679-1938


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I have been living this great life in Hawaii since 2004. I have been able to explore every corner of Hawaii and the history it holds. Let me take you an island adventure, my style. I will share with you all the knowledge of Hawaii and photography I have acquired in my time here. I can’t wait to show you my world.



I have always been a West Coast kid with a passion for photography. I absolutely love living here in Hawaii and meeting new people on the tours. If you come out with me, you will be taken around the island with a friend, not just another tour guide. Let’s have a blast and capture amazing experiences while we do it!



Currently holding it down here in Hawaii. I work with a group of friends as a professional photographer with Oahu Photography Tours. I dabble in many categories of photography to help bring new ideas to the game. Come with me and capture time, push the pause button on life by taking a photo.



I moved to Hawaii from Colorado to expand my photo business. I got into photography while studying graphic design. Now living in Honolulu with tropical weather, I take my camera with me wherever I go. Hawaii encourages me to photograph every time I’m out. Join me to explore, experience, and discover Hawaii.

Certified Sustainable Tour Operator Sustainability Commitment Statement

We at Oahu Photography Tours support the Hawaii Ecotourism Association’s principles of sustainable tourism. We pride ourselves in educating our guests with the most accurate information about Hawaii. We also make it a point to train our staff with local laws and knowledge of wildlife protection. Every one of our guides is trained in current CPR and First Aid practices.


Hawaii Ecotourism Association addresses operating policies in the following areas:

  • Environmental Management
  • Staff Management
  • Interpretation Management
  • Consumer Evolution Management
  • Marketing Management

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