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Oahu Photography Tours is a guided photography tour, available on the island of Oahu, which began in late 2010 and was founded by Alex Wilson, a photographer, and adventurer living in Hawaii. Oahu Photography Tours are dedicated to getting you the most beautiful photos of Hawaii on your vacation. Our Hawaii photography tours are designed for photographers of all levels. As tour guides, we are here to help in any way possible to ensure that you not only get that great shot but that you understand how you got that shot. We are ever evolving, discovering new ways to improve our photography travel tours, making your island photography experience more enjoyable as well as educational. We are confident that you will love any of our original Hawaii photography tours and the guides that lead them. Browse below at the bios of our guides. Perhaps, one day you will feel the urge to come out to Hawaii, want to stay, and you too will be featured below as one of our tour guides here at O’ahu Photography Tours. (808) 679-1938

Certified Sustainable Tour Operator Sustainability Commitment StatementWe at Oahu Photography Tours support the Hawaii Ecotourism Association’s principles of sustainable tourism. We pride ourselves on educating our guests with the most accurate information about Hawaii. Hawaii Ecotourism Associations addresses operating policies in the following areas:

  • Environmental Management
  • Staff Management
  • Interpretation Management
  • Consumer Evolution Management
  • Marketing Management


Alex Wilson is the owner and founder of this great company. Originally from Orlando, Florida, Alex moved out here in 2004 from Seattle, Washington after serving in the US Navy. He loves exploring this fantastic island and jumping in the water any chance he gets to ride some of the best waves in the world. If you asked him what his favorite tour is, it would probably be the North Shore Tour. The country up North is like going back in time to an old-style of Hawaii. If you are lucky enough to be on tour with Alex, ask him to tell you about snowboarding on Mauna Kea, or burning his leg hairs when he got too close to the lava on the Big Island.



De-Jay Hanssen is a Californian living in Hawaii for three years. After his military career, he attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh for photography. De-Jay is a manager with Oahu Photography Tours and is a very skilled tour guide. He shares his wealth of knowledge of photography and Hawaii with all his guests. If you happen to visit TripAdvisor, you will see all the reviews with his name on it. We do not write these reviews. They are from other guests that have enjoyed their time with De-Jay. Be sure to ask De-Jay where some of the best places to visit while in Waikiki. Christian is a regular tour guide and is also available for portrait shoots in Hawaii.



Galen Craddock is a mountain and snow boy originally from Colorado but has been in Hawaii for three years now. Galen developed a passion for underwater photography and had become very good at it. Galen is a certified diver with PADI and a seasoned free diver. He brings his love for the ocean and the Hawaiian landscape on his tours. His favorite tour is the Golden Sunrise because you can never go wrong catching the sunrise in Hawaii, everything else is just icing on the cake. Ask him where to go snorkeling, he knows the spots. Galen is available for underwater photography lesson provided by Oahu Photography Tours. Be sure to ask him to see some of his work when you meet him.



Christian Tenguan is the newest guide to the Oahu Photography Tours team but has become apart of the family with his passion for photography and love of Hawaii. He is the only guide that is originally from the islands. Starting his photography while in the 9th grade, wanting to share his experience and new places he discovered in Hawaii. Christian is a skilled portrait photographer with many weddings and couple shoots under his belt. If you are looking for an artistic guide, look no further. Christian is a regular tour guide and is also available for portrait shoots in Hawaii.


Brian Doyle is a conservation and wildlife photographer striving to educate clients on safe and sustainable wildlife interactions through photography courses and naturalism with a background in feature films. Currently, he is working as a naturalist and photography guide in Oahu, Hawaii. He got his first taste of working as a conservation and wildlife photographer for a local family-owned company called Gastineau Guiding. Dedicated to promoting environmental literacy among youth, teaching sustainable practices and providing photography tours, Brian moved to Juneau, Alaska to follow his passion. Brian spends his summers working in Alaska and winters in Hawaii teaching photography and working in conservation. During your tour, Brian shares his knowledge and expertise in photography along with some of the worst Dad jokes you could hear.

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