1. 4 Ways Creativity Affects Our Physical Health

    Last week we talked about the benefits of creativity and how it can have a positive impact for our lives on a personal level. The benefits we discussed include: Better problem-solving skills Feelings of connection to ourselves and others, as well as self-acceptance Better budgeting skills and healthy spending tendencies Better sense of time Greater opportunities for self-awareness Healthy means of…Read More

  2. 6 Benefits of Creativity

    Often, our creative pursuits get pushed to the proverbial back burner of our lives because it’s easy to let the needs of life such as earning a living and caring for others become the priority that takes over our lives. Both are responsibilities that should take priority, but should also remain in the balance of the rest life’s pursuits and our needs as an individual. Time spent on creative pr…Read More

  3. Essential Beginner Camera Equipment

      Many of those who come to Oahu and take one of our travel photography tours, are those who are just starting their photography hobby. Whether you have been taking pictures with your smartphone and are ready to learn more about taking beautiful pictures with a professional camera or you have been an amateur photographer for awhile, Oahu Photography Tours offers opportunities to not only learn ho…Read More

  4. Why Take a Photography Tour

      Are you still thinking about taking a vacation this summer, but not sure where you want to go? Maybe you’re sick of all your normal vacation spots? Why not take a Hawaii photography tour? It is probably something that you’ve never done before. Oahu Photography Tours offers a wide variety of photography tour experiences for tourists of all ages. Here are just some of the reasons why you shou…Read More

  5. 10 Basics for Great Photography

    There is a lot that goes into getting a great photo: Lighting, equipment, and being in the right place at the right time. Many times capturing just the right picture can feel like a stroke of luck and sometimes it truly is, but there are also “rules” or guidelines that can help you capture that perfect picture. These guidelines are called composition rules and are what we talk about when takin…Read More

  6. Oahu Photography Tours: What to Expect

    It’s that time of year when we are starting to think about summer and vacations. Perhaps you’re still trying to find a vacation option this year. Have you considered a photography travel tour and more specifically, a Hawaii photography tour? Oahu Photography Tours offers Hawaii’s beautiful sights with high-quality photography instruction along the way so that you can capture all the beauty t…Read More

  7. Take a Hawaii Photography Tour with Us!

    Have you ever gone on an amazing vacation, taken pictures of the sights, your co-vacationers, and gotten back home, only to discover that those stunning pictures that you were hoping to frame and decorate your home with, are less than stellar looking? Or maybe you’re looking for a different vacation, one that is more than just an itinerary of continuous eating out and snacking. Maybe you’ve al…Read More