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Summer in Hawaii – It’s the best time of year to come to Hawaii if you are not looking for big surf and waterfalls. The water is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and shark cages. Yep, that’s right. Going swimming with sharks is high on the list. You really can’t beat the weather in August.

Right now your state has to be heating up to an uncomfortable temp unless you’re in Seattle, where you can enjoy those perfect two weeks of summer 🙂 If you are planning a trip to Oahu, Hawaii, read on to find out everything you need to know to experience the best there is to offer.

Why Visit Oahu For A Summer Vacation?

There are a few things that you need to attempt while you are in Hawaii.

1. Snorkel

This time of year the waves have calmed down and the rain has lightened up. With no big surf on the North Shore, finding a place like sharks cove is something that you must try. While it can be dangerous getting in and out of the water, the scraps are worth it. Look for lava tubes to swim through if you can hold your breath for 3 minutes, hahaha.

2. Hike

Hawaii Hiking

Go hiking in Hawaii! You won’t regret it.

Burn off that food you had last night at Duke’s and get your butt up a hike. Even if you decide only to do Diamond Head hike, it is going to be amazing. Try out something a little more challenging. Something like Kuliouou hike will get you high into the mountains, and since there are few clouds, you will get an epic view of the Windward side of the island. Bring water for that one.

3. Surf

Try your balancing skill out on a surfboard. The South shore of Waikiki is a perfect place to give it a try. If you really want to try your balancing skills out, try the SUP (Stand Up Paddle-board). You can not come to Hawaii and not at least give it a try. Don’t worry about not being good at it. Pretty much every other person in the water down there at Waikiki is a beginner. You’ll do great!

4. Eat

Discover something new. Something you can’t get back home. The food trucks in Hawaii are very popular and shouldn’t be missed. There are some that I am sure you have heard of, but if you don’t find those, there are plenty of them around. The best part is you can find them near beaches so you’ll have a cool place to eat.

5. Repeat

There is no way that you can do everything while you are, but you can knock a few of them off your list in time you are here. Go out there and explore Hawaii. It’s so amazing this time of year for outdoor activities.

Tips & Resources!


COVID-19 UPDATE: It’s a new world out there and here. Things have changed and are changing. Take these tips and make sure you practice the new norms when traveling in the age of COVID-19. Boooooooo this Covid-19!

Planning your trip can be a little nerve-racking. You want to see and do it all, but you don’t know-how. Here are some resources you can use to help you out.

  • Traveling to the island- Southwest Airlines has super good deals coming to Hawaii. They launch their service in the Spring of 2019 and want to get the word out. Take advantage of the cheap flights. We just looked up a flight from LAX to HNL at the end of August and its only $388 round trip. Are you kidding! Check out the deals they have going inter-island. Super cheap right now.


  • Staying on Oahu- Unfortunately, the County decided to block Airbnb in areas outside of Waikiki. Why? We think they are Cray-Cray, but you can still find some out there. Some people are still going to rent out. Message host and see if they have any rooms available. You can save a lot. If you want to stay at a hotel in Waikiki, we recommend the Outrigger Hotels. There have a great restaurant in them and pools. There are also some hostels you can stay in if that is your thing.


  • If you are going to park at the airport and want to save some money and time, check out this site we just found. Called Park Fellows, they might help you save a little cash.


  • Snorkeling in Hawaii- Close to the area is a fantastic place called Hanauma Bay. You can rent gear at this place and snorkel in one of the most beautiful places on the island. If you are a good swimmer, try to get past the breaks and see more sea life out there. It’s closed on Tuesdays.


  • If you are going to hike, make sure you bring water with you. We recommend picking up a Hydro Flask even if you are not going to hike. These water bottles will keep water cold for hours, and you won’t be wasting all those plastic water bottles anymore.


  • Surfing is going to destroy you. Get your butt in shape before you come out here. Start doing some squats and superman to get in shape. You will be doing some amazing outdoor adventure and don’t want to be too sore the next day; you want to be able to go go go. Here is an excellent workout to get ready for Hawaii from


  • Eating in Hawaii is very, very Ono (delicious). Try some local fish or beef at some of the restaurants in Waikiki. Our favorite is the Hula Grill, located in the Outrigger Hotel above Dukes. Make a reservation 30 min before sunset and ask for the beach viewing balcony seat. You will be there just in time for the evening. Epic! If you want to try a food truck, we recommend trying Best Food Hawaii currently parked at Makapuu, called Dokkaebi. Their tacos are unreal, and not to mention the location of where you are sitting.


If you have any questions about these topics, email Contact.

What Should I Do Today | How-To Decide?

The weather is unbelievable during the summer in Hawaii. August usually has little rainfall and will be in the high 80s with 15 mph wind. In other words, Heaven. The water is clear from rivers not flowing hard and warm for surfing. The hikes are beautiful and fresh with the breeze while the nights are spectacular. So be prepared and stay onto of the weather to get the most out of your vacation. Check current conditions in Hawaii.


  • Weather 🌈

Download weather this app for Apple or Android to see a seven-day forecast. It is pretty accurate this time of year. If you ever see lightning in the forecast, that means there will be no wind and the mornings will be the most unusual conditions before the storms come if (unless it is a hurricane).


  • Surf 🏄‍♀️

Did you know at most beaches around the unties states, there are HD cameras that you can check the surf conditions? Well, it is also a great way to see the current weather such as sunshine or cloud cover. Check out the surf conditions here.


  • Wind 🌬️

We came across this site a while ago and use it almost every day. Once you understand the wind patterns in Hawaii, the better off you will be. Play around with the settings and see if you can tell when it is going to be epic in Hawaii. Hint, lite green and blue 😉


  • Traffic 🚦

Stay up to date on the traffic in Hawaii. This place can get crazy. Do not come back into Waikiki from the West between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Do not even think about heading West after 4:00 pm. Unless someone is giving you $1,000,000.00 cash, don’t even think about it. The North Shore has some bad traffic after 12:30 pm too. Make sure you are using the traffic setting on your maps when checking. 


Waikiki Nightlife | What To Expect 🤷‍♂️

Don’t come to Hawaii looking for the next big club scene. This place is not about that. The nightlife in Hawaii has been slowing down for years ever since they got rid of all the fun bars in Waikiki. There are a few old school places left, but for the most part, the bars are a little more high end. Not like you have to dress up, but the drinks are more expensive, and the environment is more chill. Try something like this place if you like the dive bars to star off the night.

  • Lewers Lounge Unique among Waikiki bars, our lounge is the perfect place for an early evening or after-dinner drinks.


  • Dukes- Fun and loud, this iconic bar is the best way to enjoy a Mai Tai and feel like you are a tourist in Hawaii


  • Waikiki Brew- You like beer? Check out one of our favorite spots to get a local beer on tap. You want to venture out a little, visit Queen Street in Kakaako. You will find a few more breweries over there.


  • Sky Waikiki- Enjoy a chill spit to watch the sunset high in the skyline of Waikiki. This is a good chance to dance a little on the weekends. You might find an empty dance floor during the week here.


  • Kelly O’Neals- This is the spot to close down. The live music goes until the lights come on. If you happen to see the lights come on in this place, you can kiss that sunrise tour goodbye.


  • Hideout Waikiki- This is a great place to take your date to. Sit outside and listen to local music while sipping on a nice cocktail. The view is cityscape and the sitting area has fireplaces to keep warm, it’s not like you need it but it adds more.


Great Beer Festival Waikiki Happens!

Every August (before COVID-19) the only beachfront Beer Festival returns. 2020 the festival will be in October. The annual festival will offer tastings of more than 100 seasonal, local, and craft beers from Hawaii and beyond. We all need a beer right now! Right?


Check out all the beers at the Beer Festival in Waikiki Aug 24, 2019



How To Save Money In Hawaii 👊

Is that even possible? Probably not but you can be a little more frugal with your spending. If you leave the Waikiki area just by a mile, the prices will dropdown. Try visiting a farmers market and pick up some produce if you can cook at your place. Only by buying some good coffee and breakfast stuff, you could probably save $50 a day if not more. Pick up one of those Hydro Flasks and stop wasting your money on bottles. Take one epic tour and then explore on your own. If you rent a car, check out Turo.

Oahu, Hawaii | The Perfect Summer Vacation Destination 2019

There is so much you can choose to do while you’re vacationing here during August, but as long as you try to do something different every day, you will have a great time. We know it is tempting to go back to that beach you went to already but trust us, explore. The more you see, the more you will have to remember. One great thing we recommend is taking our Circle Island Sunrise Photo Adventure the first day you arrive. See all the best places the island has to show and capture the best photos. Bring your phone ion the tour. You will still get the best photos even if you do not have an expensive camera.