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Lifetime Membership

Become an OPT member for life and enjoy all we offer!

Quick Details

Lifetime Membership

Become a part of the OPT family with our Lifetime Membership! Join us every time you visit Hawaii and experience Hawaii in a new light.

We welcome you to join any of our available regular tours for as long as you want. Each year we design brand new tours for a traveler to take part in, giving more opportunity to see Hawaii.

We decided to release a Lifetime Membership when we realized so many of you decide to join multiple tours. While we enjoy the income generated from this, we realized we cared more about our loyal customers than profit.

If you come to Hawaii at least 1 once or twice a year, this opportunity is perfect for you. Along with being able to join any of our regular tours at no additional cost, you will also get our photo package from each tour at no additional cost.

We can’t wait to bring you into our photography family and show you what we get to experience every day.



*Must purchase food on the food tour

*Available to only for group tours on Oahu

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