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Molokai Workshop

Join Our Molokai Workshop And Capture Ancient Hawaii

Quick Details

Group Dates:

Private Dates: Call To Book

Duration: 4 Days

Energy Level: Easy


Private Tour (1 Guest)
Private Tour (2 Guest)
Private Tour (3 Guest)

Take a step back in time on the island of Molokai, and bring your photography to life with its beautiful scenery. Capture the largest sea cliffs in the world from the sky, the oldest fishponds in Hawaii lined ancient coconut groves. Hike through the lush Jurassic forests to large waterfalls after sunrises over the ocean. An opportunity to capture the night’s sky with zero light pollution will be the icing on the cake. You will be taken to real Hawaii and leave with unreal photos.

Join us for a photographic adventure on the island of Molokai. One of Hawaii’s less traveled islands, its beauty is everything you dream of on a tropical island. With a population of only 6,500 people and less than 100 tourists, it is truly a remote getaway. This tour will take place over four days.

Day 1

The workshop starts out at the Hotel Molokai where we will get to know the group. After the long journey to this remote island, we will want to fill our bellies and discuss what the next few days have in store. This first day, you will witness beautiful overlooks where you will photograph historic Kalaupapa, the worlds last remaining leper colony, to watching the sunset with the glow of Oahu in the distance. After a long time, it’s time to lay our heads down because we have only just begun.

Day 2

The second day will be an early start with a sunrise near the hotel at the Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove. The calmness of the water will be some of the most soothing photos of the workshop. We can’t stay too long, because a helicopter tour that overlooks Kalaupapa is waiting for us on Maui. We fly from Molokai to Maui in the mid-morning and return later that afternoon with cameras full and smiles all around. With all this excitement, let’s take a minute to get some coffee at the plantation and return to our hotel to upload some photos and start the editing process. Let take a load off and get some dinner as tomorrow will be an early start.

Day 3

Get up before the roosters start going crazy! We will drive along the southern coast of the island as the sun starts to touch the atmosphere. With Lanai island in sight and Maui just off the coast, we will photograph the sunrise from a beautiful beach close to our main destination, Halawa Valley. We will take a hike through forests of Jurassic times to find two towering waterfalls deep in the valley! What a day so far. We will head back to the hotel for some R&R and editing. A trip to this remote island would not be complete without a chance to capture stars in some of the darkest skies in Hawaii. We will spend a few hours after sunset snapping the night’s sky, in hopes of maybe some shooting stars and the Milk Way.

Day 4

Before we part ways on the majestic island, we want to take you to do something a little different than most photo workshops do. Molokai has the most extensive coral reef in the main Hawaiian Islands, so why not photograph this too? We will head out from the Kaunakakai boat harbor for a snorkel tour where you will get the opportunity to capture the sea life on this amazing reef. What a journey this will be, really completing the entire trip.


As this adventure comes to a close, you will be able to reflect on all the locations and amazing photos you just experienced in just a few days.

This workshop is offered as a private tour available anytime during the year or a group workshop. Dates are posted in the quick details section at the top of this page. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. See you on Molokai.