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Find The Beaches

Got Beach?

There are a lot of beaches on Oahu. over 200 miles of them actually. So where should you go? That really all depends on what you are looking for. Do you want to have peace and quiet or do you want to get bashed around by the waves? Do you want to look for fish in clear water? There are a lot of choices here so let me list a few off that will give you what you are looking for.


Ala Moana Beach


If you do not want to go to far from Waikiki but do want to escape some of the crowd, Ala Moana is gonna be perfect for you. You can walk all the way out to the point known as Magic Island. Here you will find a lagoon perfect for wadding. The beach park is pretty long so there is a lot of space. The weekends will be a little crowded but not nearly as bad as Waikiki. This is a perfect spot to relax in the calm waters.



Do not go in the water if you questioning yourself here. This beach has a nickname of “Break Neck Beach”. You can figure out why its called that when you go. You do not have to get in the water here but if you do, be careful. It really is a beautiful beach and it’s fun to watch the body surfers catch the waves. A great place to take some oic while you soak in the rays.

Here it is. The most relaxing beach you will find with everything you need. This beach has massive stretches of white sand, no rocks in the water, bathrooms, lifeguards, and shade. Voted one of the best beaches in the US a few years ago, when you get there, you’ll know why. Stop off at Ono’s Steak and Shrimp before and get some food to go.

Yokahama Bay


Sometimes you need to go the extra mile to get the good things in life. Yoks’ is one of them. The farthest beach from Waikiki, a place where only a few people visit, it worth the drive. The drive alone is something you should do. Most people never venture up the West side of Oahu. It holds some of the most interesting landscapes of the island. The dry side is very different than what you are used to. The Waianae mountain range blocks all the wind that you get on the other side, making Yoks’ a picture perfect spot. The blue waters will really take your breath away. A just place to lay out and maybe do some snorkeling.


Sunset Beach


The famous North Shore of Oahu has the best beaches in the world. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. One is known as Sunset Beach and it lives up to its name. Come here in the afternoon and enjoy the calm waters of the summer or the power surf in the winter. Make sure you stay for sunset, it could be the best sunset you have ever seen. Especial if you stop off at the Foodland down the street and pick up a few beers to wash down the epic day you just had.


Waimea Bay


If you come to Hawaii in the winter, you may have the chance to watch what is one of the largest waves competitions in the entire world. The Eddie is a world-famous invitational surf comp that only a select few surfers are asked to compete in. They will only have this if the waves at Waimea Bay reach 40 feet. Make sure you don’t go surf if the waves are this big. If you do, please call me so I can take photos of it.

In the summertime, Waimea has to be the most unreal spot around. You can swim with Dolphins early in the morning, or you can jump off the famous rock on the left side of the bay. No matter what time of the year you come, parking will be horrible. The earlier you go, the better.