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Reviews & Testimonials


“Beyond Excellent in Every Respect”
“The day with Alex was simply extraordinary from the moment he picked us up at 6:00 a.m. until we were dropped off back at our car in the late afternoon. After being on other so-called photo tours in other locations, such as Alaska, with groups of photographers of varying skill levels, too many participants, rigid schedules, and never enough time to actually shoot what I as an individual found intriguing, I was looking forward to a personalized experience and 1 on 1 interaction with a professional guide. Alex did not disappoint.”

“Get up Early for the Sunrise Tour, you’ll be glad you did”
“We took several other tours offered by the Big Tour Companies, and we felt these were just “drive by” tours, where you have to shoot out the window as you drive by. The Photo Tour was there for PHOTOS and you really got to take the time to work on different angles, settings, and your own personal viewpoint to create memorable images. We continued to use these techniques wherever we were for the next 7 days of our Vacation. I came home with over 1600 photos, which I will cull through and make a memorable album, DVD, or Slideshow. What the heck, it’s Digital. May as well fill up the memory card. My Wife has far fewer photos on her camera, but what she has is great quality!” -Ken & Dale Dahl

“The Perfect Tour of O’ahu”
“I can’t say enough good things about Oahu Photography Tours. I found this company online and booked a sunrise tour. What a great decision that was. I was traveling with my parents and my grandmother. Since I’m the only photographer in the bunch, I was concerned they would be bored, but they throughly enjoyed the day.”

“We saw a spectacular sunrise and I took my favorite photo I’ve ever taken. It was so nice to have a fellow photographer there to offer suggestions of where to setup your tripod, which filters work best, and how to creatively compose the image. We saw some of the most beautiful places that we could have never found on our own. Alex has an incredible wealth of knowledge about the island and its history, and he knew some great places to take us for food!”

“This tour was definitely the difference between returning home with good photos and stellar photos. We had such a wonderful time the first day with Alex that we ended up booking two other tours with him when we returned from our cruise. When we plan our next trip to Oahu this will be the first thing we book!”-Tara B.

“You just have to”
“It doesn’t matter what you already know about photography, or don’t know, he had a friendly & respectful approach to you, the individual, & your perspective on what you wanted to achieve by the end of the tour.”

“Even if it varied from learning your camera altogether, to simplifying things with the matter at present, or just holding your device. There were some outstanding places, to letting us take roadside pictures amongst the flow of life. Simple questions to any difficult ones, Alex is only to happy to share in what he knows already, (even studied Botany, to help with keen enquirers), to finding it out on the spot, or listening to other people’s knowledge without prejudice.”

“By the time we were finished our heads & bodies were buzzing with so much of what we heard, saw, experienced, laughed smiled & shared about on the tour, you were wishing you had more time & kept going.”

“Will be making time in my schedule, on my next Hawaii visit & adding the full moon tour or at least the sunset tour. Highly Recommended!!! Cheerz & Thanx Alex!!! An enjoyable day had & catch you next time!!!”-Carmon

“Hands down the best tour on O’ahu”
“I have been to Hawaii numerous times and have done many Tours over the years, but I must say this was hands down my favourite one.”

“Alex, first of all was wonderful. On time, very knowledgeable…about photography but also about Hawaii.
He was very personable and the perfect balance of help if you wanted/needed it and not in your face if you wanted to do your own thing.”

“The locations he took us to were wonderful and not overrun by tourists, and the small group size was prefect.
So easy to not have the stress of driving yourself around looking for loacations and getting the timing right etc.”

“Alex’s photograpy tips/suggesstions were invaluable. Had an awesome day and got some great pics. I did the Full Day Tour this time and next time I return I will certainly go back and do another. Mahalo”-Anna P.

“Awesome Photo Opportunities and Service”
“I am what could be described as a “photo enthusiast” with above average amateur skills, i.e. I have migrated from the “auto” setting on my camera and generally rely on the “manual” settings. I use a full frame digital with several lenses.
The “sunset” tour was all we expected – not the greatest weather but still some awesome locations, enough sun early on and fantastic shots. The bamboo forest with beautiful waterfalls about half a mile down a secluded trail and the nearby ruins were awesome and we have no idea how Alex found them. I spoke with two men who were born on the Island and unaware of the existence of this area. In fact, you could drop me off on the roadway within 100 feet of the trail and I do not think I could find the entrance. Awesome find Alex! The sunset site was on the other side of Diamond Head – away from Waikiki and as every place else, wonderful location with great photo opportunities.”-Andy M.

“Awesome Tour”
“Thursday, July 12 was my first full day on the island of Oahu. I chose to book the complete island tour with Alex, thinking it would be a good introduction to the island. Boy, was I right! We went quite literally all over the island. (This gave me a good overview of the roads and landmarks for when I drove myself around later in my vacation, but that’s beside the point.) Alex really knows the island of Oahu. The tour ended up just being him, my mother, and me, which meant we got a lot of personal attention. That was phenomenal, especially since a lot of tour companies would have canceled the tour. We actually had that happen on a different tour later in the week. Alex didn’t seem bothered by it at all.”-Timanda W.

“Enjoyed every spot we visited”
“My Girlfriend and I just recently did the Oahu Photography Tour while on Vacation and let me tell you this should be one of the “To Do’s” on your list when traveling to the Island. I’m a photographer and really enjoyed every spot we stopped off.”

“Most importantly, my girlfriend is NOT a photographer and had just as much, if not more, fun then I did! You don’t have to be a photographer to enjoy this tour. You see some amazing locations that you normally would not find yourself. Alex is an awesome guide, very knowledgeable in not only photography but the History of Oahu. It made the tour fun and educational at the same time.”

“I’m going through my pictures now and can’t believe some of the places I was at. Even the stop for lunch was awesome!! Thanks Alex for everything, the next time we’re in Oahu, we’ll be doing BOTH the Sunrise and Sunset tour!!”-Matt C.

“Not only will you get great photos but you will learn a little bit about everything you take pictures of”
“On March 31st I went on the Private All Day tour with Alex of Oahu photography tours. I really enjoyed the entire experience and highly recommend any of his tours to anyone who wants to see parts of the islands that a tour bus won’t take you with someone that can help you get the most out of your camera. If you have a point and shoot, a DSLR that you haven’t taken off of auto or you are an enthusiast that knows your way around your settings, you won’t be disappointed.”-Rebecca C.

“Looked up O’ahu Photography Tours before we went and saw all the good reviews, booked it and honestly that was the BEST THING we did in Hawaii by far … LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT … BEST TOUR AND BEST GUIDE!!! We aren’t photographers by any nature and just the sheer beauty of Hawaii plus the very helpful hints / tips and trick given to us by Alex made our time and photos amazing. We did the complete tour and it is WORTH EVERY PENNY. Not only do you get this amazing tour from a very knowledgeable…”-Lynette R.

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