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Oahu Photo Tours

What Is O’ahu Photography Tours?

O’ahu Photography Tours offers guided tours of the island of O’ahu that not only showcase the beautiful landscapes and landmarks of the island, but also show guests how to capture the scene in front of them with photography. All skill levels are welcome and it is our goal to make our guests’ experience of O’ahu not only more enjoyable, but also educational and an experience they won’t soon forget.

Who is O’ahu Photography Tours?

O’ahu Photography Tours is made up of Alex Wilson, De-Jay Hanssen, Galen Craddock, and Christian Tenguan. Wilson, originally from Orlando, Florida moved to O’ahu in 2005 from Seattle after serving in the U.S. Navy. He immediately fell in love with the beauty of the island as he experienced O’ahu first hand and rode some of the best waves in the world. Soon after, Wilson wanted to provide a way for others to enjoy all that O’ahu has to offer through showing others the most beautiful areas of the island and teaching them the photography skills needed to capture these beautiful landscapes. Thus, O’ahu Photography Tours was born in late 2010. Learn more about our Hawaii photography tour guides below.

Our Top Rated Local® Hawaiian Photo Tours

Each tour that we offer showcases an aspect of O’ahu’s beautiful landscape and gives our photography tour’s guests the opportunity to capture the landscape of O’ahu in a beautiful photograph. Each tour provides hands on experience and individual instructions for all skill levels. Tour sizes are limited to 7 guests to ensure that each guest gets the full experience. Tours include:

• Pickup and Dropoff at Waikiki Hotel
• Free Admission to Featured Landmarks
• Tripods Available
• Free Wifi

Though O’ahu Photography Tours does not offer equipment rentals, we have partnered with Hawaii Camera who can outfit our guests with all the gear they need to enjoy our tours. Hawaii camera ships free when you spend over $100. For more information about our Hawaii photography tours, read our Frequently Asked Questions and see the details of each tour below.

Media Mentions

O’ahu Photography Tours have been featured in the media highlighting our Hawaii photography tours, our guests’ experiences, and exciting updates about us. Learn more about exciting news, our tours, and more.

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