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Traveling Hawaii during a pandemic

Remember what it was like to travel the world before COVID-19? If you remember, it wasn’t enjoyable, to begin with. Long lines at the airport, thinking you forgot something at home when you didn’t, figuring out how to sleep in a seat made for a child, getting to your destination only to wait for the rental car trolly to pick you up, how I long for those days. You too, right? Well, buckle up, partner, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. 

Na, probably not, but a lot of hoops to jump through now. The main thing is we, you and I, do our part to make it go as smoothly as possible. You and I are not the only ones having to jump through hoops here, so calm yourself and don’t be the next social media sensation.


How’s Hawaii doing?

It’s been a rough ride, and it doesn’t seem to be over. We have been enjoying the fantastic Hawaii conditions without you. While that might seem fun, which it is, we miss you all. It’s sad to say that many local restaurants and shops in and around Honolulu have folded, and now we are getting word of some Hotels closing too. It has now been reported that Hawaii is second to Nevada in regards to store closers. The numbers of COVID-19 have reached 11,000, with over 100 deaths. 

This table was released on the 23rd of September. It will give you an idea of what is really happening in Hawaii and what’s allowed/not allowed

Is Hawaii Open?

I have no idea! Kidding. It has been the entire time, but you have to go through a 14-day quarantine before you could enjoy the beach. That is if the beach was even open. As of the 15th of October 2020, Hawaii is set to reopen for travel. Learn about current conditions HERE

Is Hawaii on Lockdown?

Is Hawaii on a Lockdown

Since the 24th of March of 2020, Governor Ige has put a 14-day quarantine restriction on all incoming flights to Hawaii. We have been through 2 big lockdowns and many restrictions. Some of the harshest in the United States. Even between the islands of Hawaii, there was a quarantine. A lot of people broke this law and paid the price. I wouldn’t have come to the island when this was in place and, of course, the pandemic. After the 14-day quarantine is lifted on the 15th of October, you must have a negative COVID-19 test performed within 72 hours of arrival. You can get this at some airports in the States or your local testing center.

Traveling to Hawaii?

Starting October 15th, Hawaii is open, but there is a catch. We do not want Hawaii to have another spike in cases and get shut back down. It has hurt the community, and the long term effects are only starting. The state is giving you the option to take a COVID test before coming to Hawaii. 

How to avoid quarantine?

You will need to take a COVID test before coming to avoid quarantine. After you get your negative test results, you will need to upload them to Hawaii’s Department of Health. The State will not let you enjoy Hawaii unless you do this. You can upload your documents HERE. If you do not have the results before arriving, but you did take the test, you will have to quarantine in your hotel until the test clears. They require EVERYONE to have a negative test. That will be a great start to your Hawaii vacation for your family. Ha!

Enjoy Hawaii safely!

Kids enjoying Hawaii with masks

Hawaii has the best conditions for escaping the crowds and enjoying the beaches, hikes, and natural sites all year long. Some activities and attractions will take some time getting back to normal operations such as Luaus and the Dole-Whip line and the Dole Plantation. Hawaii has so many outdoor activities to choose from. Hike Manoa Falls, Snorkel at Sharks Cove, kayak ride down the Hale’iwa river, or take a photo tour in Hawaii … wink wink. All great activities to stay safe.

Should I Wear A Mask?

The short answer, Yes. The most important thing you can do during this time is to show respect for the local people. It’s the small things that show the most. It does not matter if you believe the masks work or not. Hawaii has struggled, and unfortunately, you, the tourist, will be to blame, right after the government. You can show respect by wearing a mask when you are out and about. You can even pick up some cool masks at ABC’s stores in Waikiki.

Why travel to Hawaii? 

That’s a good question. To start, it’s Hawaii. One of the best places on Earth is sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, just wanting to be explored. The weather is still the same as you once left it or read about in James Michener’s, Hawaii. The waves are still impressive, and the Hawaiian waterfalls are always majestic. To top it, you deserve it. After all this COVID-19 stuff, I think we all could use a little Hawaii right now. Do you think so? 

What activities are open?

On Friday the 25th of September, Honolulu will have ended another lockdown, which was extended to last on 14 days but went for 28. That means the beaches will be back open and the trails, but there will be a limit to the number of people in your group. To keep up with these rules in Honolulu, Hawaii, go HERE

Are tours available?Hawaii Photo Tours

We will begin operations of our popular photo tours in Hawaii on the 15th of October 2020. As required by the state, we will be limiting the number of guests to 5 on our photo tours and reducing the number of tours available. You will have to check with each tour company you are interested in and see if they are still in business. Luckily for many, we do not have a large overhead and can start back up when the day comes. We will also be requiring all passengers to wear a face mask during group tours. Talking a private tour during these times is the way to go. Check out our private tours of Hawaii HERE

Dining out in Hawaii?

You can now eat inside restaurants as of the 25th of September 2020 but only with people from the same household. How they check this, I do not know. Bars will be shut down still in Honolulu, but the restaurants will be open. I highly recommended that you make reservations before you head out. Also, check to see if they are still open. When the Obamas come to Hawaii, they loved to eat at Buzz’s Steak House in Kailua, but they will have to find a new spot, as they have closed due to COVID-19. At the places still open, there will be limited seating, and you do not want to miss out on eating some delicious Hawaiian food because you forgot to make a reservation. Oh, and wear your mask. See the list of restaurants closed so far by COVID-19

Conclusion: Visit Hawaii

Wear a mask in Hawaii

Hawaii needs your help right now. We ask you and ourselves to do the right thing in helping stop the spread of the virus in Hawaii and worldwide. If you are going to come, please respect the troubling times we have faced, and let’s do everything we can not to spread the virus. Use the famous “Shaka” when greeting someone in Hawaii. The only real product in Hawaii at the moment is tourism, and the local businesses could use your help by visiting Hawaii on your next vacation. Support the local restaurant and tour business. Try to pay attention to where you are spending your money if you can. That little shop around the corner of Waikiki’s main street is probably ten times better in taste and price. The small tour company with 3 to 5 employees will give you the best experience and treat you like family. Try something different the next time you visit Hawaii.

Plus there are said to be a lot of really good Hawaii vacations deals coming for everyone to take advantage of.



See you in Waikiki walking down Kalakaua in your new Hawaiian ABC face mask. We know this is not the ideal way to travel, but we all need to take a break from 2020 and get our feet wet in Hawaii. I’ve been feeling guilty about being able to have all this weather to myself and not share it. I am sure some people are reading this like “yeah right, dude.” I might be speaking for myself, but I can not wait to get things going back in the right direction. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to CONTACT US

Hawaii COVID Traveling infographic