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Let's Eat Like Locals

Where to eat in Hawaii?

Now there is a question we get asked all the time on our tours. Everyone wants to know where they can eat some of the best food in or around Waikiki. We’ll let me tell you, there are some very very good places to sit down and indulge yourself and there are also some not so good places. We always wonder why some people tell you to go to certain places and not others. Probably just personal choice, personal taste, and a few other factors.

We are going to list a few spots that we think you should not miss while you are visiting. The list will start off with places that are close to Waikiki and then start to get further and further away from the area. We hope you can tell us all about your experience when you join us for a tour.



Hula Grill Waikiki


Our first go to is Hula Grill Waikiki. Whenever I have company in town, I always make it a point to make a reservation here. I love the feel of the place and of course the food. Their specialty is fish, so if you are not into that, try my next choice. With local, line-caught fresh fish, Oahu grown produce, & all-natural meats, you will experience Hawaii’s unique culinary and cultural melting pot crafted and served with the true spirit of aloha.

Tip: Make a reservation that would sit you down 30min before the sunsets and when the host calls your name to be seated, tell them you want to wait for the next ocean viewing balcony seat on the rail. Make sure to say on the rail.



Now for more you steak people out there. Try Chucks Cellar, located just below the Ohana East Hotel. Completely different from my first choice, this is what I consider “The Mob Hangout”. It’s a piano bar located in a cellar under a hotel. The dark lighting and red leather pin-cushion seats give it that feeling that the Rat Pack used to hang out here. I love this place, even though don’t have a good view, it’s totally worth it. The prices are very good too.


Sushi. There are so many sushi places in Waikiki and a lot of them are pretty dang good. One of the reasons I choose Chiba-Ken is the staff. The wait staff has been working here longer than I have been going and I really like to see that because to me that means they treated well by management. The sushi is also amazing at this place. Tucked away in a “hole in the wall” style place, Chiba -Ken has a great atmosphere. You can sit outside or inside when dining. It’s perfect for a date night or a small family. I would recommend making reservations.


Arancino Beach Walk


While I am on the subnect of date night spots, I have to list this gem. There are a few of them out there so make sure to go to the one on Beach Walk Ave. With a great selection of wine and pasta dishes you really can’t go wrong. Sometimes they have a wait and you can tell them to call you when your table is ready. If you walk around Lewers Street once, your table should be ready. My favorite thing to get is the Pappardelle Alla Bolognese.


Waikiki Brewing Kakaako


An up and coming local craft brew that is bound to make it big. I love all these new breweries that have popped up in the last few years and Waikiki has to be my favorite. They have a great selection of beer for all taste buds and the food is pretty dang good. What I like about Waikiki is the outdoor atmosphere and the feeling you get when you sit down. You really feel like you are a local at this place. There is nothing touristy about it, well other than the name I guess. When you’re done there, you can head a block down the street to Aloha Beer and keep the party going.


Haleiwa Joes Kaneohe


A little ways away from Waikiki, on the other side of the Ko’olau Mountains, hidden in the suburbs is a very sweet find. They have food for everyone here, no matter what you taste buds like. While it might not be the most elegant place in the world, I would say it has a lot going for itself. The view here is absolutely breathtaking. You are sitting in the rain forest with massive mountains all around you. To make it all that much sweeter, get a Mai Tai at the bar while you wait for your table. This is a great place for couples to large parties.