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Pints & Pics of Honolulu

Looking for a good beer in Hawaii? We will not only take you to get a good drink but also show you some epic spots around Oahu.

Quick Details

Tuesday and Thursday
11:30 am – 7:00 pm

Duration: 7.5 Hours

Drinking Spots:

  • Waikiki Brewery
  • Ko’olau Distillery
  • Grace & Growlers
  • Kona Brewery
  • Aloha Beer
  • Queen Street
*Must be 21 and show ID at the start of the tour
*Guests can be asked to leave the tour at any point due to intoxication
Adult (13 & Up)
Child (5-12)
Infant (4 & Under)

Sunrise-Beautiful-Fireworks map


Let’s go in search of a delicious beer in Honolulu together

This is our newest tour and we are happy for you to be a part of it. Our Brewery and Island tour of Oahu is unlike anything we have done before. Most of our tours are held to the itinarary we list out and you know exactly what you will be seeing. Not this one. We want you to trust our judgment and just sit back and relax.

A true microbrewery will change its beer when the batch is done. Never being able to recreate that special taste. We are treating this tour just the same. Each time we head out we will visit 4 local spots for some drinks. We will also find a good place for you to get a bite to eat but we will all find this out together on the day of the tour. 

The only thing that will remain the same will be the fact that we will see beautiful lookouts along the way of this tour. Each stop at the lookout will be about 15 minutes. Allowing you to capture some great photos and also allowing us to take a few of you if you wish.

At the drink spots, we will hang out for about 45 minutes. Giving you plenty of time to try the drink we provide and maybe pick up one more on your own. While we are drinking alcoholic drinks, we will ask everyone to watch their intake and not get too intoxicated. If that does happen, you may be asked to stop drinking or asked to leave the tour. So know your limits.

We hope you take a chance on our new tour and have a drink with us. Of course, that is a figure of speech, as the guide will not be drinking with you. You get the idea though.

Spots We Visit

  • Waikiki Brewery
  • Pali Lookout
  • Ko’olau Distillery
  • Grace & Growlers
  • Halona Blow Hole
  • Kona Brewery
  • Aloha Beer
  • Queen Street

What to bring

  • Come ready to have fun!
  • Your ID
  • Comfortable clothing