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Sunrise Tour with Malasada

Begin your vacation on the perfect note with a beautiful sunrise and a mouthwatering Malasada from Leonard's Bakery!

Quick Details

Availability: Monday Wednesday Friday

Duration: 3 hours

Starts: 1 hour before sunrise

Ends: 3 hours later

Intensity Level: Easy Medium Hard


  1. Sandy Beach for Sunrise: Experience the magical moment as the sun paints the sky with vibrant colors.
  2. Makapu’u Lookout: Behold panoramic views of the island’s eastern coastline.
  3. Halona Blow Hole: Witness ocean waves rush into the rocky shoreline.
  4. Leonard’s Malasadas: Beloved local treat. (catered)
Adult (13 & Up)
Child (5-12)
Infant (4 & Under)
Private (1-3 Guests)
Private (4-7 Guests)
Private (8-11 Guests)

Discover the beauty of Hawaii before the crowds awaken. Experience the best sunrises in Oahu!

Hawaiian-Sunset-Full-Moon map

Witness the Ultimate Sunrise on Oahu

Are you an early bird with a passion for capturing the beauty of nature? Are you eager to experience the enchanting sunrise on Oahu Island in Hawaii? Perhaps you find yourself wide awake at 5 AM, still on mainland time? Well, we have the perfect solution for you!

Join our 3 hour Sunrise Tour, where you not only get to witness the most stunning sunrise in Hawaii at Sandy Beach but also savor the delectable treat of Leonard’s Malasada afterward. It’s an experience that’s hard to beat.

Picture this: You’ll capture incredible sunrise photos, kickstart your day with energy, and still have plenty of time to enjoy your vacation after indulging in a tasty Malasada. Plus, your guide will get epic photos of you with all the amazing colors!

Our tour takes you to Sandy Beach for sunrise and offers breathtaking views of the Kaiwi coastline. We’ll also make stops at the Makapu’u Lookout and the Halona Blow Hole, where you can capture panoramic photos that will leave you in awe.

But wait, the tour isn’t complete without indulging in the famous Leonard’s Malasada – a must-try Hawaiian delight!

Don’t waste your holiday sleeping in. Our Hawaii Sunrise Tour with Malasadas is the ideal way to kickstart your vacation. By joining us early on, you’ll not only witness a mesmerizing sunrise but also gain valuable insights into making the most of your time in Hawaii. So, why wait? Rise and shine with us!



Sites We Visit

  1. Kaiwi Coastline for Sunrise: Begin your day with a breathtaking sunrise along the Kaiwi coastline.
  2. Sandy Beach: Explore the pristine shores of Sandy Beach, perfect for early morning tranquility.
  3. Makapu’u Beach Lookout: Capture panoramic views at the Makapu’u Beach Lookout, offering stunning vistas.
  4. Halona Blow Hole: Witness the awe-inspiring Halona Blow Hole in action, a natural wonder of Oahu.
  5. Leonard’s Malasadas: Savor the delectable taste of Leonard’s Malasadas, a sweet treat that’s simply irresistible.”


What to Bring

  • Travel Light: Avoid carrying excessive belongings to ensure convenience and security; no items are left in the van to prevent theft.
  • Comfortable Footwear: Wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes to ensure comfort during the tour.
  • Hydration: Bring your preferred beverage to stay refreshed during the tour.
  • Light Jacket: Consider bringing a light jacket, especially if you tend to get cold quickly, as temperatures can vary throughout the day, from cool mornings to warmer daytime conditions.