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Honolulu Sea-Cliff Tour with Sunset

Capture Hawaii's Magic Hour | The Best Locations East Oahu

Quick Details

Availability: Everyday except Monday & Friday

Duration: 5.5 hours

Start Time: 4.5 hour before sunset

End Time: 1 hour after sunset

Intensity Levels: Easy Medium Hard

Highlight Stops:

  1. Lanai Lookout: Stand on spectacular sea cliffs.
  2. Windward Coast Views: Ancient volcanos and beautiful bays.
  3. Halona Blowhole: Visit this iconic natural formation
  4. Sunset: Experience the sunset from the rugged sea cliffs (hard to access)


  1. Where is pickup: Waikiki Hotels. Choose from our list when booking and see the pickup location closest to you.
  2. Food & Drinks: We will stop in the shopping center where you can get a snack before sunset.
  3. Time at stops: We will be at the sunset location for up to 1 hour. Other stops will be between 20 & 30 minutes.
  4. Group Size: We have a max of only 7 guests on our group tours.
  5. Difficulty: The Sunset location is a difficult location to access. Not recommended for anyone with any type of mobility issue.
Adult (13 & Up)
Child (5-12)
Infant (4 & Under) Not Allowed
Private (1-4 Guests)
Private (5-8 Guests)

Capture the sunset and the breathtaking sea cliffs of the Kaiwi coastline



Explore the best spots on the island with your photo guide, culminating with the most perfect sunset. The Hawaii Sunset photo tour not only positions you in perfect timing to capture a brilliant sunset but also gives you the opportunity to capture the sun rays as they touch and graze the topography of Oahu Island’s Windward side.


Sunset Tour in Hawaii


Be humbled by the vast terrain of the Kaiwi coastline. Be nourished by the fresh air of calmness, and carry this exciting state forward for the remainder of the day as you encounter the smells of hundreds of Plumeria flowers at a botanical garden in a volcanic crater. Look for wildlife at each stop!




Then, view the Ko’olau Mountains up-close and personal at the Makapu’u Lookout. This lookout a favorite spot for photos of Hawaii. One of the best places in the world for wind sports, try to capture a soaring paraglider above the blue waters.

Please the senses at Ono Steaks, a specially chosen food shop that specializes in Hawaiian and Hawaii-inspired dishes.


Makapu'u Oahu Photo tours

Continue to the Halona blow-hole to capture the stunning landscape of East Oahu. You get the chance to see tide pools, late-stage volcanic eruptions, and, depending on the time of year, you may even spot a humpback whale. Be prepared to capture vibrant blue waves crashing into a unique rock formation!


Halona Blow Hole Oahu Photo Tours


After all the excitement, prepare to photograph Hawaii’s most classic sunset on the eastern tip of Oahu, where you capture the sun dropping down the sky on the sea cliff walls. The beauty and vibrant colors can only be witnessed first-hand, not described, on our Hawaiian Sunset Tour. This experience is what memories are made from.


Oahu Sunset Photo our



We Explore These Breathtaking Destinations:

  1. Tantalus Lookout – City views
  2. Hawaii Kai Lookout – Maunalua Bay views
  3. Makapu’u Lookout – Scenic ocean vistas
  4. Botanical Garden – Plumeria filled crater
  5. Halona Blowhole – Witness the power of the ocean
  6. Lanai Lookout – Rugged sea cliffs
  7. Koko Marina Shopping – Grab snacks and bathroom break
  8. Sunset – Watch the sun light up the sky from the sea-cliffs

What to Bring:

  1. Travel Light: Please pack only what you can comfortably carry. We do not leave items in the van to prevent theft.
  2. Comfortable Shoes: We recommend wearing closed-toed, comfortable shoes for your journey.
  3. Stay Hydrated: Bring your own beverage to stay refreshed.
  4. Layer Up: Consider bringing a light jacket if you tend to get chilly easily. Keep in mind that it can get quite windy near the ocean.